Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Game

Today was day one of our project. We all presented our games and then chose from two games. The choices were Nikki's frankenstien building game and my RU based card game. I think I did a good job selling my game to Pinal and she eventually chose my game, the Rutgers based game.

The other games involved a great deal of chance, so we avoided this. I think that my game involves some chance, but the action cards will allow players to be involved in the outcome of the game. I think that Hardi's critical thinking game involves very little chance but we did not go with that game for other reasons. I think all games involve some chance, but it is what you can do with those chances in my RU Serious game that count. We will have to keep the numbers of very powerful or weak cards low that way no players feel that they drew their way to a loss through chance.

My game is now at the mercy of the group's will. I stressed that the game should always be poking fun at Rutgers. The building cards will have to include some backhanded comments about the buildings on them and the action cards will be made to exemplify the various bad things that can happen to you while at RU. I think that with these core concepts we will make a game that is fun and easy to play, but also involves stratagey to make sure you knock down other players while they take shots at you.

Working together seemed like a pretty good give and take as we became more comfortable with each other. It is important that we can take things lightly and keep a fun work environment to avoid conflict. I hope that we can continue and all be able to take a joke while still getting the task at hand done.


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