Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Core Concept

(Week two of our game)

We had a slight disadvantage because Nick was sick and was not able to attend class. It was tough developing our game and trying to figure out the core notion of our game. Thus, Nick’s presence would have made a difference because an idea of one person can branch into many more ideas and we needed that especially for this class.

Initially, the main purpose of the game was to show the bad things and unnecessary buildings at Rutgers. However, it seemed as if we were just rushing and focusing on getting the game done now. We were losing the main purpose of it, which was to mock Rutgers. Therefore, we kept thinking of ways to keep the game entertaining and strategic. As we played San Juan, we developed ideas for our own game.

We have decided to have three decks of cards involving initial, action, and campus cards. For the scoring, our method was complicated at first so we decided to make it simple. The cards will have two numbers: one with the cost of the buildings and the other one will represent the value.  The numbers will be in the range of 1-5 to 1-10 so that the scoring is easier. At the conclusion of the game, the players will add up their costs and subtract the values. Whoever has the best score will win.

This week was definitely stressful because we have started forming our game. We have realized it is not as simple as it sounds to create a game. Aside from coming up with an idea of the game, we need creativity, strategy, and a way to exemplify our game in a different manner for it to stand out from the rest. Nonetheless, we are trying our best!!

~Hardi Shah

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