Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We are all wrapping up what we need to do for our game. Last class we had playtesting so everyone besides one member in a group went around to play other groups’ games. One person in each group stayed to explain the rules and directions to the players. Peter from our group stayed back to answer any questions, and ask for feedback within our game.

The first game I played during playtest was my personal favorite. It was called “Espionage” and had a detective theme. It was fun matching cards and collecting pairs, even though I would get mini attacks when all of the players had to turn their cards and make pairs. The only downside was when we were not able to make pairs for a while, and when we had to think of a detective. It was tough thinking of a detective, and both my opponent player and I were stumped by it. Also, I did not like the action cards as much.

“Kitchen Chaos” was the second game I playtested. I thought the game was really creative, and can definitely see the hard work the group members put into it. It also made me really hungry because I did not have breakfast that day. However, it seemed complicated and the creators only seemed to be winning the game. In addition, the game was really based on luck, which can be a disadvantage for the players. It personally made me not want to play. Overall, the design and the presentation of the game were brilliant.

The last game I played was “Stop N Go.” The thought of the game was good but I did not enjoy it as much as the rest of the games. The game was simple but was not clear enough, making it complicated. It was nice playtesting everyone’s games because it kind of gave us an idea of are progress on our game. The major disadvantage and criticism we received for our game was the presentation because our playtesting cards were in black and white. Color always seems to be more alluring to players.

It is exams week and everyone is busy, but we are all trying to finish our tasks on time, and making our game as perfect as possible. Everyone completed their tasks on time and uploaded pictures of it on our Facebook group. I was the only one to submit mines late since I was in charge of the box and I didn’t have glue so had to borrow it from a friend. Since Peter is the only one with a car, he went to Kinko’s to laminate our cards. Nick made the final touches on the rules and created the reference cards. We were notified about the reference cards in our last class. The reference cards are to assist the players while playing because there will not be a member from each group always explaining the rules. Therefore, reference cards would assist the players when in doubt. Tomorrow is our final presentation for our group, we are hoping for the best! 

-Hardi Shah

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